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Advantages of Organizing Your Garage and Shed For Summer Convenience

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Garage Organization For Summer Convenience

Most of us have experienced trying to find or access those seasonal toys, tools or items for all the fun summer activities and yard work we take part in. However due to a lack of these items having an easy to find home or too many items taking over to access these items, they are hard or impossible to find! We have some solutions for you so that you can love your garage and shed again.

What are the advantages to an organized garage?

An organized garage & shed provides several advantages such as easier access to tools and equipment, more space for storage and parking, improved safety by reducing clutter and hazards, increased home value, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Let's break it down further!

  • Improve safety: An organized garage and shed can minimize the risk of accidents by reducing tripping hazards and keeping dangerous tools and chemicals out of reach.

  • Reduce clutter: An unorganized garage and shed can quickly become cluttered and overwhelming. By organizing your belongings, you can create a more streamlined and functional space.

  • Save time: When everything is organized and easily accessible, you can save time searching for items and completing projects.

  • Protect your belongings: Proper storage and organization can help protect your belongings from damage caused by moisture, pests, and other environmental factors.

  • Create a workspace: An organized garage and shed can provide a workspace for hobbies, DIY projects, or even a home-based business.

  • Reduce stress: A cluttered and disorganized space can cause stress and anxiety. Organizing your garage and shed can create a more peaceful and relaxing environment.

  • Increase home value: A well-organized garage and shed can add value to your home, especially if it's used as a workspace or extra living space.

Where do I begin in my garage?

  1. Start by clearing out all the items in your garage

  2. Categorize the items into groups such as tools, sports equipment, and seasonal storage.

  3. Get rid of any items that you no longer need or use.

  4. Install storage solutions such as shelves, cabinets, and pegboards to keep the items organized and easily accessible.

  5. Label all storage containers and shelves to make it easier to find items when you need them. **This is crucial to maintaining the system and future organization for everyone using the space.

  6. Seasonally clean and maintain your garage organization system to keep it functional over time.

Where do I begin in my shed?

  1. Remove everything from the shed and sort items into piles of similar items.

  2. Clean the shed thoroughly.

  3. Evaluate each item and decide if it is worth keeping or if it can be donated or disposed of.

  4. Group similar items together and designate a specific area for each category. Consider how and when you use each item and make sure there is space to access those items accordingly.

  5. Install shelves, hooks, and other storage solutions to maximize space and keep everything organized.

  6. Label containers and shelves for easy identification.

  7. Regularly maintain the organization by putting items back in their designated places after use

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The Evolution Of The Garage

Garages have become a modern-day staple, with almost every home having one. However, this wasn't always the case. Let's take a look at how garages have evolved over the years to become what they are today.

  • The Meaning of the Word: The term "garage" originates from the French verb "garer," which means "to shelter." It was first used in 1902 to refer to a shelter for vehicles.

  • It Started with Carriages: Before cars, there were horse-drawn carriages. People used carriage houses to store their carriages and associated equipment. Today, the term "carriage house" is also used to describe a small detached guest house on a property.

  • Then Came Cars: As cars became more popular, people started to store them in their carriage houses. In the 1920s, garages became a part of home design to keep vehicles closer to the house. In 1908, Sears Roebuck began selling portable garages for cars.

  • More Cars Led to Bigger Garages: As car ownership increased, garages needed to accommodate larger vehicles. In 1930, 15% of a 1,000 sq. ft. house was dedicated to car storage. By 1960, this number had grown to 45%.

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