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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Organizing Products in Various Areas of Your Home

Organizing products can be crucial for home organization and greatly impact the overall outcome of a neat space. A well-made bin can improve functionality and make upkeep easier. On the other hand, using a poor quality or inefficient product can hinder your organization efforts.

While any product can be use anywhere, there are some products we prefer not to use in specific areas because of how they are made, their durability and practical function.


Pantry Products

Wicker Baskets in high touch areas

wicker baskets

Many people like the aesthetic of wicker baskets, and we would agree that they are beautiful in certain spaces! But we rarely see them work well in high traffic areas, like pantries. This is because wicker tends to be brittle and can damage easily under heavy use- plus they are difficult to keep clean. We recommend something won't chip and damage with use, and can be easily wiped out.

If you want the look:

We prefer to use baskets with a tight weave made of rattan, seagrass or metal, which are sturdy and will last for many years.

Otherwise we use our popular go-to products, such as clear or white acrylic bins.

We recommend: Kuggis Bins (Ikea)

Perfectly Purged organized pantry. Organizing product

We love the Kuggis bins for their versatility in sizes, the option to use them with or without the lid, durable construction that can hold heavy items, and their ease of cleaning.

Another benefit is that they come in a solid colour, which is great for times when you're in a rush and can't neatly store your food.

*Remember to label the bins, so everyone knows what's inside!


Drawer Products

organizing product.

Fabric Drawer Organizers

While some of the fabric compartment organizers seem practical in pictures and on Amazon, they are not always functional. The size of them rarely fits perfectly inside drawers and the sections become stretched out with use because they are not a solid build.

If you want the look:

Ensure that any fabric bin or box you use has a solid liner and walls so that the box keeps its structure, no matter what's inside of it.

We recommend: Adjustable Drawer Organizers (Amazon)

Expanding drawer  dividers. organizing product

Expandable drawer organizers are designed to be spring loaded and pressure mounted within your drawers to ensure they remain securely in place. These organizers are sturdy and can withstand heavy usage with ease.

There are many style options (white, clear, bamboo, black, etc) to fit your decor.

*We also love these for kitchen drawers!


Closet Products

Storage bins with lids

organizing product. Fabric bins with lids

These types of bins are intended for longer-term storage or items that are not in a high touch area that are used on a regular or daily basis.

For areas where items are needing to be grabbed quickly, bins with open tops or pull out drawers area better option.


Clear Storage Bins VS Opaque Bins

Which is better?

This all depends on the function and aesthetic of the space.

If you desire to have the space visually unified then opaque bins of all the same color, labelled and grouped by size, is the best option.

However, if you prefer the ability to quickly glance at the bin and see what's inside of it then clear bins are the best option. Clear bins also work well if what's being organized is behind closed doors (i.e. in a cabinet).

Of course, labelling everything regardless of whether its in a clear bin or opaque bin is crucial!


In summary, when thinking about purchasing bins and baskets to organize your space, we suggest the following steps:

  • Measure your space

  • Identify the items you need to store (size, weight, accessibility)

  • Evaluate the practicality of the product (durability, shape, ease of cleaning)


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