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Teaching Essential Decluttering Skills to Children

children's bedroom


How Can We Teach Our Children the Essential Skills of Decluttering?

In the journey of parenthood, one of the more subtle yet profound lessons we can impart to our children is the art of decision-making. It's a skill that, when nurtured from a young age, blossoms into a powerful tool for personal growth and self-reliance. This is especially true when it comes to managing their personal spaces and belongings.


Gather toys and clothes & begin to sort

Encourage children to gather their belongings from shared areas and return them to their rooms or play spaces. Now that the family can see all the toys, you're going to focus on creating piles for sorting: keeping, passing along, selling, or discarding items.

  • Clothes that are stained or have holes should be thrown away, and broken toys or those missing parts can also be disposed of. 

  • Consider donating incomplete games and puzzles, and used crafts to local reuse centers. If it becomes a barrier to the process, it's okay to dispose of them. 

  • Good condition toys and clothes designated for passing along can be donated to friends or family, but always ask before assuming.


Choosing storage that works for you and your family

storage container toy box
  • Big oversized toy boxes with lids become more of a 'dumping ground' than a helpful organization solution. 

  • Consider shallow baskets so toys can be seen. 

  • Ensure the baskets or storage you choose can easily be carried by the children and participate in the cleanup activities.

Sometimes the incentive of selling old toys at a garage sale or online can spur children along. If this is more work than progress, skip, and create a system that works for your home.

Some families take time at holidays and birthdays to pass along items in anticipation for new toys. 

storage baskets in child's bedroom

Working with your Children's needs

And of course, family dynamics may mean you need to guide the process more depending on your child's temperament; items need to be stored or displayed or organized rather than removed. No need to push or force this work with children; maintaining a clutter free space is a lifelong habit that you are creating with daily little steps.

At first, it might be only a few items they let go of, especially if this is a new process for your family. Parents set the tone for the household so if there really are toys that keep getting scattered or too difficult to tidy up or too noisy, consider letting them go for your peace. 

As this practice becomes a regular part of your family’s routine, you’ll notice a fascinating transformation. Children will begin to approach these decisions with increasing confidence and thoughtfulness, reflecting a deeper understanding of their personal preferences and values.


Continuing the culture of simplicity

Creating a dedicated space in your home or garage for items that your children have outgrown isn't just about keeping your space tidy; it's about embracing a lifestyle of decluttering and generosity. As children see their outgrown belongings being repurposed or donated, they learn the importance of giving. This instills in them a sense of responsibility towards their community and the environment, teaching them that their actions can create positive change.

home recycling area

children playing

Lasting Changes

Moving forward, encourage thoughtful purchasing decisions by pausing before buying new items. Consider necessity, value, joy, and existing items. This process is about more than just clearing out space; it's about building a foundation of thoughtfulness, generosity, and environmental stewardship that will benefit your children long into the future.


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