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Why Hire A Professional Organizer For Your Next Move And How Realtors Benefit From These Services

It's normal to feel stress and become overwhelmed thinking about all the work that needs to get done while moving. I'm sure we've all experienced the nightmare of trying to track down that important belonging in a house full of vaguely labeled boxes. Hiring a professional organizer may be a great way to ease the burden and make the entire moving process smoother, from the moment you contact a realtor, to unpacking the last box in your new home.

What is the benefit of hiring a Professional Organizer for my move and why Realtors* love us?

  • We declutter your home before you move so you only take what you need and want, which reduces the moving company fees by reducing the amount that needs to be packed and moved.

  • All items are packed by room/ category and are clearly labelled with all items in the box listed so there is no guessing where something has ended up.

  • *Hiring professional help speeds up the process for realtors to come in, take pictures, and get your home listed.

  • *Allowing the home to be staged to show off its best features leads to quicker sales and the best possibility for a higher offer.

What is the benefit once moved into the new home?

  • A professional organizer can oversee the unloading of the boxes & belongings by a moving company ensuring everything goes where it should the first time.

  • Your home can be unpacked and organized within the first few days. No months (or years!) long unpacking happening.

  • You get to enjoy your new home, get on with life and not stress about one more thing to deal with.

What does it look like to hire a Professional Organizer for my move?

We will begin by decluttering your home, which is a step often overlooked but can actually speed up the buying process and ensure that you get the best possible price for your property. By dealing with the clutter before you move, this removes the task of packing everything and then having to sort and deal with it in your new space. We often help clients on the other end deal with this very thing and almost every client comments that they wish they had dealt with their belongings before they moved.

We can also help you downsize, if necessary, so you start your life in your new space with only the items you need, love and fit comfortably.

Next, we pack your belongings safely and securely, labelling everything clearly so boxes end up in the correct areas of the home. Anything fragile or heavy is packed with extra care. If anyone has experienced rushed and negligent packing done by a moving company, then you will fully appreciate the care and detail in which a pro organizer will pack your belongings.

Professional organizers can oversee the moving process on the other end to make sure every item lands in the room it belongs. No box or item hunting necessary.

Once the moving truck has been unloaded, we get to work unpacking and organizing all your belongings efficiently right out of the boxes, removing the need to "figure out" where everything fits or belongs.

We strive to make the transition to your new home as seamless and stress-free as possible. After a long moving process doesn't this sound like a dream?

What about Estate Clear Outs?

We understand that estate clear outs can be an emotional process, and we want to make sure that you and your family have the least amount of stress during this difficult time. Our team of experienced organizers will help guide you through the process, making sure you keep the memories and items that are most precious to you and your family, while letting go of the long loved items you don't need. We can also assist with putting you in contact with antique dealers and other businesses who specialize in selling valuable items. We take extra care to make sure the process is done with the utmost respect.

Did you know...

We can also help manage your move across the province or country? That's right, we can coordinate with moving companies, realtors, storage facilities and whatever other services you may need to make your long distance move easier. If you're moving to the Edmonton Area, we can start the organizing process as soon as you/your belongings arrive here. If your moving away from the Edmonton Area we can start with downsizing and packing and then connect with another organizer to finish the process in your new location. That is unless you would like us to finish the job ourselves, which is always a possibility.

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