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Why Hire A Professional Organizer? (And How They Help During The Holidays!)

Updated: Jan 24

Hello, world! Welcome to the Perfectly Purged blog. I’m Mindy Padron, owner and professional home organizer at Perfectly Purged in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our blog will focus on timely home organization tips, our process at Perfectly Purged, and the odd company update.

On Hiring A Home Organizer

In our first piece, I’m going to discuss the why behind hiring a professional home organizer – and not just from a practical sense. We’ve only got 24 hours in a day to live life well, and home organization can sure eat up that time – but more on that below.

Plus, as the Holiday season beckons and snow rises in Edmonton, we’ll chat about how professional home organization services can help keep sanity in check and boost fun levels during the haze of work parties, family parties, and out-of-town visitors.

With that, let’s dive in. Grab a coffee and get comfortable!

It’s More Than Just A Clean Living Room

Whether you live in an apartment, a condo, a bungalow, or a sprawling mansion – one thing our clients all have in common is a bustling, busy schedule and not enough hours in the day.

Time is one of those things you just can’t do anything about. You can’t save it up, you can’t move some over to the next day. You only get 24 hours.

Eight of those hours should be spent sleeping, and on most days for most people, another eight is often spent working. That leaves just eight hours left each day for errands, extracurriculars, grocery shopping, nurturing your friendships and relationships, getting a little exercise, and having enough time to relax!

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how things can get messy. It’s also easy to see how many people just have enough bandwidth for the basics and resolve to save the rest for another day.

That’s where we get to the crux of it all. In my experience, the majority of our clients are at a place in life where they’re overwhelmed with their environment and their growing list of tasks.They can’t see past what’s in front of them, and the mental dread of tackling hours of cleaning can seem insurmountable and distressing.

So, yeah, it is more than just a clean living room. Hiring a home organizer in Edmonton can help alleviate the mental burden of having a cluttered home. A professional organizer can provide you with systems and tools to ensure that it’s easier for you to maintain the cleaning after we’ve done our job.

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