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Spring Cleaning to Boost your Mental Health

It's true that spring cleaning can have both practical and psychological benefits. Living in a dark and cold part of the world for half the year can be tough. As the weather warms up and we finally have daylight past 6pm, the season naturally provides a boost of energy and motivation to tackle those annual chores.

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Spring Cleaning To Boost Your Mental Health

What are the benefits of Spring Cleaning?

  • Spring cleaning helps you start anew by tackling tasks that may have been neglected during winter, providing a fresh start for both your home and mind.

  • Cleaning and organizing can help you feel more in control, leading to a reduction in stress.

  • By organizing your space, you can reduce clutter and have a clear understanding of where everything is located. This can lead to a sense of calm and peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your environment.

  • Keeping your home organized can improve your focus and reduce mental clutter, allowing you to channel your energy towards other important tasks. This benefit can be particularly helpful for those who experience anxiety or ADHD.

  • Crossing tasks off your to-do list can give you a sense of accomplishment which feels good and helps reduce stress.

Where do I begin?

  1. Start by making a list of all the areas you want to focus on. Prioritize the most important tasks.

  2. Plan for the disposal of unwanted items. Create a box for all the donation items, designate a shelf in your garage or storage space for the things you’ve posted for sale and prepare your trunk for hauling things to the eco station.

  3. Gather the cleaning supplies you’ll need to make your job easier in each area.

  4. Open your windows to give your house a breath of fresh air!

Examples of Spring-Cleaning Chores:

I like to start indoors and work my way outdoors. This is especially helpful if I start in early spring, when the weather is still chilly and we are not quite ready to spend all day outside.

Indoor Chores-

  • Change smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

  • Change filters for furnace, humidifiers, vacuum cleaner, air filters, etc.

  • Go through closets and pair down any clothing that is no longer worn/doesn’t fit. Then swap out the seasonal clothing.

  • Declutter any items you no longer want/use and immediately remove them from the space.

  • Move furniture to clean any hard-to-reach spots

  • Inspect washing machine hose & deep clean dryer vents

  • Wash all your windows & window sills

Outdoor Chores:

  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts

  • Inspect your roof for loose shingles, cracks, or broken seals around pipes.

  • Get your bicycles & lawn mowers tuned up

  • Clean your BBQ and check your propane

  • Pressure wash your patio/sidewalks & home siding.

  • Take out all your patio furniture from storage

Tip: Breaking up your spring cleaning tasks into a schedule with our spring cleaning checklist and focusing on completing one task at a time can make the process more manageable and less overwhelming. And with spring lasting three months, you have plenty of time to get everything done!

Woman cleaning a window, smiling

Fun Fact: The History of Spring Cleaning

There is no definite answer on where spring cleaning originated. In the Eastern World, it is believed to have started from a Persian New Year tradition. They celebrate with a cleaning frenzy known as Khooneh Tekouni (shaking the house). This involves everything in the home being thoroughly cleaned and the entire family is expected to take part.

Another belief is that it may have come from the practice of Catholic Priests. Their congregations used to do a deep clean of the altar just before their big Easter celebrations (during the spring) and this ritual was likely taken back into the homes of churchgoers.

Perhaps the most practical explanation for the spring cleaning tradition relates simply to dusting. In 19th century America, people would dust their entire homes in March — when temperatures start to rise after winter. This was perceived as a time of year when it was safe to open windows for ventilation because it wasn’t too warm, too cold, and not too many insects flying around.

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