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Our Process: What Does It Look Like To Work With Us?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Welcome back to the Perfectly Purged blog! As part of our new website and introduction series, we wanted to dive into what it's like to work with us.

When people look for a home organizer in Edmonton and come across Perfectly Purged, one of the first questions we always get asked is, "How does it work?"

Our process is pretty straightforward – but unique to the client and space. Let’s dive into the details of how to get started with a consultation, how we approach our in-home assessments, and how we go about decluttering your space!

Step One: Book A Consultation

The first step to working with us is to submit a consultation form. This form gives us a quick snapshot of the space you need help with, and gives us enough information to determine whether it’s a fit so we can proceed with a phone consultation – which we book shortly after receiving the form.

During the phone consultation, we discuss the project details, your available schedule, the area where you live (we don’t just service Edmonton!), and when you're free to book an in-home assessment.

Step Two: The In-Home Assessment

Our in-home assessment is complementary and allows us to get the full picture of your space before getting started. During the in-home assessment, we walk through all your problem spaces. These can be specific trouble spots like clothing dumping zones or an overstuffed pantry or your entire house or apartment!

We will take photos and measurements to help us prepare. Then we'll discuss the timeline and schedule. An in-home assessment allows us to come up with an estimate for the project, so everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

After the in-home assessment, we'll send a proposal. Once accepted, we'll schedule our work sessions and get started with the hands-on work!

Step Three: Decluttering Unwanted Items

Decluttering is one of the most intensive parts of hiring a home organizer in Edmonton, but it's also one of the most rewarding. When we first get to the house, it’s normal for our clients to feel anxious about the process or even embarrassed about their space. Trust us; we've seen it all and there is no judgment here! First, we'll go over what we previously talked about and your goals and move on from there.

For materials, we bring our kits with us that contain everything we need for the job. The only thing we require our clients to have on hand for us is garbage and recycling bags.

Some clients like to be hands-on and declutter alongside us, while others are away from the house when we're busy purging. Either is okay with us! We will accommodate your availability.

When decluttering, we pull all the items out and put them into categories. We only keep things that the client still wants and uses. Some people want to purge unused and unwanted items and live a more minimalistic life, while others retain much of their items and seek a detailed organization process.

Step Four: Organizing the Space

After the client has approved what to keep and what to give or throw away, it's time to set up the organization systems. Depending on the project and the space, we'll either determine the product we bring in beforehand or wait until we've purged and know what product we need to get.

Not every space needs organizing products, either. We'll suggest some products for most pantries, children's playrooms, and closet spaces. Other times, we use whatever the client already has at home. We only use a product when we think it's right for you and your space!

Once we've set up the organization system, we'll walk through the space to ensure the flow and functionality works for you. Everything will be labelled, categorized, and easy to follow.

Getting to show off the space is one of our favourite moments. We love watching the stress melt away from our clients' faces when they see the big reveal, and knowing we had a positive impact on your life.

The Follow-Up

Once we've wrapped up, we'll take away everything you no longer want from the decluttering process. We'll donate and recycle everything we can, from electronics to small furniture, and properly dispose of what we can't.

After you've settled into your refreshed space, we'll send a follow-up email to see how the systems work for you. If you feel something needs fixing, we'll come back and tweak it until it does.

We also offer maintenance packages for those who love the system – but don't want to maintain them by themselves!

Connect With Perfectly Purged Today!

When looking for home organizers in Edmonton, know that you're in capable hands with Perfectly Purged. If you're feeling overwhelmed in your space, we can step in and give you some needed peace of mind with a clean space. You'll not only see the difference, but you'll feel it too.

Did you know we can travel to you? You don’t have to be based in the Edmonton area to take advantage of our home organization services. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll come up with a solution that works for you!

Got questions? Fill out our handy online contact form. Or, if you’re ready to book your consultation, fill out our quick and easy consultation questionnaire.

We’re on social media! Follow Perfectly Purged on Facebook and Instagram today!

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