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At Perfectly Purged, our mission is to empower our clients to create a more stress-free home life through functional and organized living spaces! We work with our clients to develop easy home organization systems and processes, while operating with empathy and understanding – so that our clients can reclaim their homes, their time and their peace.

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Meet Mindy

Hi! I’m Mindy Padron, the creator, owner, and lead organizer at Perfectly Purged. Our very first home organization client was in the fall of 2015, and our official launch of the business and website was the spring of 2016. 


Perfectly Purged was born from the need for order in my own home! For years I operated a dayhome amongst my family of six in a 1960’s bungalow. As you can imagine, the level of organization it took to keep it all manageable was extremely high. 

After reaping the benefits of my own organizational systems and receiving positive feedback from family and friends, I began researching how my home organizational skills could translate into different industries and stumbled across the professional organizing industry. I fell in love! I was so excited that I immediately got the ball rolling and jumped in feet first. Within a few months, I had closed my dayhome and focused my attention entirely on Perfectly Purged. 


Once I realized that this was a natural gift of mine, and that I had the capacity to compassionately help others in their own homes, the drive was unstoppable. Fully understanding the impact a well organized space has on our mental and physical selves is what I am passionate about. 


As with most small businesses, I wore all the hats needed to run this company at the beginning. Yet, over time, I realized I needed help to reach the goals I desired for the company. I brought on the fantastic Janeal as my assistant and now focus specifically on customer relations, in-home organizing, and the backend of the business.


When I’m not running Perfectly Purged, I love to garden, be in nature, and spend quality time with my husband, four kids, and my two pups, Misha and Bleu. I also like to go hiking in the mountains, to take road trips, go to dinners and drinks with friends, and enjoy relaxing nights by the fire in my yard.

Meet Janeal

Hi! I’m Janeal, Mindy’s assistant at Perfectly Purged. I started working with Perfectly Purged in September of 2021.


I had wanted to get into professional organizing for years – but was nervous to take the leap – and didn't know how to get my foot into the industry. A friend of mine finally convinced me to go for it. The timing couldn’t have been better, because Mindy was hiring! Thankfully she took a chance on me and has been the greatest mentor I could have asked for.

In every job I've had in my life, I've become the unofficial organizer. I've had jobs in data entry, banking, retail (just to name a few) and I always seemed to gravitate to working in the background, organizing projects. Anyone who knows me knows that I love sorting things and creating systems to make life easier. A genuine interest for organization helped me start in this industry, but I've had to (and continue to) learn a lot to be successful!
When I’m not helping Mindy with the day-to-day, I like to spend my spare time enjoying sunny days with my husband and two kids. I also enjoy playing games, having dinner dates with friends, and I have a great love of reading! In my opinion, there’s nothing better than getting lost in a book.

Our Core Values


  • We believe anyone can get organized and stay organized! It takes systems and commitment to following those systems, but it can be done.

  • We treat every home and client with dignity, respect, and understanding. Our clients are in control!

  • We will go above and beyond to serve our clients. We value building a connection with our clients and getting to know them and their lifestyles. 

  • We value preserving the memories and special keepsakes of our clients. We believe that every home has a story, and that items tell a significant portion of that story. We balance organizational systems with ensuring that your home continues to be a safe haven for you and your family. 

  • We value safety. For us, our clients, and their belongings. We are mindful about storing things in a way with the aim of preventing damage over time. 

  • We value our clients time, privacy and money. We are in the business of making lives easier and we don't want people to worry if they made the right decision by hiring us.

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